45 North Aviation


45 North's warbird pilots bring thousands of hours of flight experience to your show and take pride in demonstrating the performance of their fighter jets for airshow audiances across the United States and Canada!

Michael Terfehr

Michael Terfehr first flew solo on his 16th birthday, and shortly after received his pilots license on his 17th birthday. Currently, Michael has over 12,000 flight hours in many types of aircraft, including a Piper Cub, Bell 407, Cessna 185 Float Plane, Gulfstream IV, Mig 15, Mig 17F, T33 Shooting Star and an L-39 Fighter Jets. Michael also offers over 26 years of aviation experience, aircraft management, part 135 charter, aircraft procurement and sales, and maintenance management.


  • Flew corporate jets worldwide for 15 years+
  • Provided specialized flight instruction
  • Airshow Aerobatic Demonstration Pilot MiG 17F, T-33, L-39
  • Formation FAST Lead Pilot and Instructor


  • Airline Transport Pilot Airplane, Seaplane, and Helicopter
  • Certified Flight Instructor Airplane, Float Plane, Helicopter, MiG 15, MiG 17, T-33 and L-39


Bill Culberson

Bill Culberson is the son of an Air Force fighter pilot and lifetime fan of military aviation.  Following a stint in the US Air Force, Bill graduated from the University of Alabama with an Electrical Engineering Degree.  Bill spent 24 years in the commercial aviation industry, with 17 of those years serving as an FAA Designated Engineering Representative.  He retired in 2016 to puruse his passion for restoring and flying classic military aircraft.  Bill serves on the board of directors for the Classic Jet Aircraft Association, and is type rated in the L-29, L-39, MiG 15, MiG 17, T-33, and B-17.